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Book Analysis – Coolest American Stories 2022 by editors Mark Wish & Elizabeth Coffey

Book Analysis – Coolest American Stories 2022 by editors Mark Wish & Elizabeth Coffey

This is a book surrounding the appreciation of authors and the many kinds of genres and writing styles that they have to offer. A very enjoyable read, I was intrigued throughout the entire book as many short stories on many topics were read throughout. For the reason that I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review, I will not be sharing details of the actual stories since it has yet to be released.

What I can say is that each and every story has a voice of its’ own and a delightful array of structured characters, plot, and settings. This book is like stepping from one life to another.

Every author presented a new taste to the table of genre and story, but I personally indulged in ‘Habitat’ by Susan Tacent the most. This author had such a vivid voice alongside every other included, I just enjoyed the story itself in an individual way. The forces and potential of each story created a stair-like effect on me, ascending into more and more fantastic stories as I read on.

I am excited to see what this annual idea brings forward every year. This is a fresh twist to reading and a great introduction for writers to have a chance at the spotlight. I applaud these two editors for creating such a wonderful idea and anticipate it to be a very successful series that the reading community will look forward to.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for different perspectives of writing as well as easy comparisons to writing styles all while surfacing authors who deserve recognition.


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