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Book Review - Tales Of The Alénarian | Legends Of War

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Book Review - Tales Of The Alénarian | Legends Of War

Kickstarter Campaign Promotion

Tales of the Alénarian, Legends of War

Interpreted and translated by Calen Aeézanak

By Caleb Teal & Evelon II Studios

A story of a faraway universe, chains of gods and heroes, thematic issues with every turn, a timeless masterpiece. Tracing over a span of 100 years, here is a 200,000 word science fantasy epic filled with any and every aspect one could think of that encapsulates the genre.

Fair warning, this story has dark themes and uses of sensitive aspects that should be read with so in mind.

Introducing Tales of the Alénarian. In this whirlwind of a story, there are dimensions to the pages like a mansion; doors and rooms with every turn and step. Structurally we begin with a prologue, Introduction, Codex’s, multiple parts, illustrations, strategic mind mapping to understanding a new universe, and so many layers of characters and subplots.

So, what is this anyways?

Tales of the Alénarian is a story based around empires in the Préssérvium Universe;

  • Érthkonothiy Empire

  • Sībro Empire

  • Xrantor Empire

A blend of time, rule, hierarchy, power systems, and yet, there has been peace for so long.

But peace is inevitable to not last forever.

Here comes an installment where power reigns, but power floats amongst the open field and is used beyond its worth. Gods gain power, heroes witness truth, war outbreaks, and anti-heroes cultivate amongst the fiery journeys of the main characters.

Divided into Codex’s, titles, subtitles, chapters, and even quotes and footnotes, here are the Legends of War where you will feel like you witnessed the war. You will feel there, in the moment, as if reading and analyzing an encyclopedia filled with dialogue and narration of corruption.

There are moments of falling in love, physical fights, mental brutality, traveling and underlying trade, unity amongst new cities, empires, and gods.

Everything is everywhere all at once. Simply put. Yet this story is anything but simple.

Disclaimer, there are many concepts and themes woven into the story that are not suitable for all viewers and readers. Discretion is advised.

On a rather personal interest aspect of this large story, the Houses of Altianas was the most intriguing to me. Here we learn about the children amongst the throne and throughout, the thematic spread of love, intimacy, and relationships, both for the better and worse. There are sicknesses and detailed syndromes affecting the characters and their families. There is labor involved and desires to get stronger as time continues to move and stop for no one.

All in one Codex.

Dragons are spoken on in other aspects of the story, planets in the universe and diversity amongst the empires that prove political standpoints.

Another interesting Codex brought up a mental realm. In this conceptualization of an abandoned city of Aeswathea, a girl witnesses the abandonment and knows the truth. Her mother is gone, the Mental Realm has in a way, taken over. She witnesses hardships in homes and womanhood of an age range of females from childhood to adolescence.

Again, read with care and keep in mind the preface of sensitive topics. However, this is a story completely unique with layers and layers of differing stories circulating into one… but it provides a speculative association to Game of Thrones. The adult rated version of fantasy. How empires and opposing lands hold their territories and compete for superiority in everyday life. Themes and issues blended and embedded to the subplots that are equally as heard and acknowledged as the war and gods themselves.

There are so many foundational elements provided in this book. A novel within a novel within a novel. I hope you will all stay on the lookout for this kickstarter and help promote and provide a building strong and high for author Caleb Teal.

Alongside this new establishment, make sure to check out all of his books below that I have reviewed before! There is so much to come and keep up with, this is not the last you will be seeing of either this author or the Legends of War.

But for now, check out the author’s platforms and follow to stay up to date.

See you soon,



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