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Book Review - Turtle A by Ellie Martin-McKinsey

Book Review – Turtle A by Ellie Martin-McKinsey

Saga Fiction


Turtle A is a new twist on contemporary fiction with elements of the universe as a whole and it’s complex features. The main chapters, featuring a young woman and man, meet by circumstance through the Universe’s calling and embark on adventures that are both plot and character driven.


There are fresh ideas about the universe and our world as we know it colliding and compounding that I have not seen yet in a book. This is done through so many different styles such as metaphors. The metaphors used throughout this book, without spoiling, are so rich and enticing and go hand-in-hand with the novel itself while keeping the plot fresh.


The Girl and Nico, the two main characters, have complete opposite insights as to how they perceive the world and want to live it. She believes I’m a higher caller and more natural and substantial endeavors for life, and he is a rather individualistic and independently grown soul. But through that independence he has not found him self, whereas the Girl is always content sounding, Nico is immersed in self deprecating thoughts and downfalls.


The overall world-building was easy to follow and slip into. The description did not overrun the plot itself and worked well with the dialogue. Overall, this is a great story from a debut author that I hope to hear more about and read more from in the future.


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