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What Is Chronicles & Coffee?

Chronicles & Coffee originated as a simple idea to join the Writing and Reading Community on social media. Since September 2021, this idea has grown into an LLC business and works to provide a community in itself. From the Twitter page, to Instagram, YouTube, and the podcast, Chronicles & Coffee is reaching out to all corners of the media to find the depths of the book industry. 

The book industry has hundreds of thousands of unheard voices that deserve to be vocalized, and in that respect, Chronicles & Coffee serves to stimulate those voices and conduct meaningful, casual yet effective conversation. This is a space to unify all types of writers, readers, authors, publishers, editors... all else in between when it comes to this diverse yet underrated industry. 

The goal is for you to leave here either feeling more comfortable in your skin as a creative, learn about a new book through the book reviews and book chats, or be entertained yet attain knowledge from the podcast. This business is only just on the rise and there is so much more to climb.

Chronicles & Coffee hopes you can learn something from this communal space, whether it be through discussion of the experiences and chronicles of someone in the industry, or educational about genres or writing advice you may have never heard of before.

Thanks for being here!

Profile Portrait of Olivia Brooks.

My name is Olivia Brooks! I am a senior undergraduate student at Florida State University studying Editing, Writing, and Media with a minor in Communications. I am the internship assistant for the English Department and the Vice President for the Society of Collegiate Journalists.

Alongside so, I am the editorial assistant at Thin Veil Press and Black Thoughts Editorial Services, and am a previous comic book story editor at Submarine Treehouse.

In my free time, I write stories, both full length and short fiction/fantasy, as well as am an avid reader! With two novels and a short story collection works in the making, I am hoping to publish in the near future.

I love to travel and explore new places, meet new people, and do anything I can to open my eyes to new things! 

I am so happy you are here.

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