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Book Analysis - Tall Corn State by Thomas Leverett

Book Analysis – Tall Corn State by Thomas Leverett

This book was an amazing twist to what I normally go for in a read. Set in 1975 in Iowa City, the setting itself interested me enough to keep reading because I have never read anything with this scenic display. With a combination of poets and cooks, the whole story had me intrigued! What really set off my interest, however, were that all of these laid-back factors of the story intertwined with the plot of a crime! Yes, you heard right, this is a crime novel that supports the coming-of-age concept, all while keeping the tempo of a slow burn novel.

From the death of a girl to the complexity that situation surfaced, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time all while feeling comfortable and cozy. Did the girl have a plan, was it an accident? So many questions and room for inference for the reader, I appreciate the author’s writing style greatly. Alongside the mystery and suspense, the author wove in ideas and detail of vegetarianism, poetry, and actualism, which enhanced the autobiography aspect of the book.

Having this be an autobiography based on real-life experience with a mixed-in element of fictional scenes, the overall story was able to be conducted in such a way to make the reader feel as if they were sitting with the author along the whole story. The description and the narration were so well thought out and perceived, it is clear through the precise word choice and illustrated details.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes to think while they read, who likes to travel while they read, and to anyone looking for a solid and quick story to broaden their horizons on the world around them. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, it does not disappoint!


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