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hotspot for writers, readers, artists, and book lovers.



Chronicles and Coffee is dedicated to servicing and marketing you as an individual, as well as your writings and creative work in the book industry.


Tune into the podcast and browse through the community spotlights to find hidden gems in the book industry.

The Book Industry is vast... let's discover its depths. 


Scroll through book reviews to find your next great read.

Browse all of the writing advice and book related content, as well as the collaborative projects and features to get ideas on how YOU can interact and join.


Literature is a constant evolution.

Literature is an art.

Literature is a community.



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Community Spotlight

Enter the portal and find debut releases, author & artist profiles, and content about others in the

community and what they have to offer! 

It's Time To Spread Book Awareness & Promote YOU!

Chronicles and Coffee are dedicated to the outreach of self, indie, and traditionally published authors, along with providing writing advice and book news to all!

 Through all social media platforms, the goal is to promote and speak news about the book industry and help authors reach their highest range of audience and potential! 

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Twitter Promotions

Through Twitter, Chronicles and Coffee posts multiple times daily about current reads, writing advice, book promotions, and more! Message me if you would like to partner or collaborate!

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Chronicles and Coffee now has an Instagram dedicated to posting images of books and updates in the community! The goal is to connect with authors and fellow readers, so make sure to join that community and message me if you would like to collaborate!



Starting in 2023, Chronicles and Coffee will be hosting its own podcast! This will be a safe space for talking about books, writing advice, current news in the industry, and one on one conversations with authors! If you are an author interested in speaking on the podcast, please message me!

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Join The Community, Use Your Resources, & Share Your Voice

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Want to be interviewed on the Podcast?

Chronicles and Coffee will soon be starting a podcast in 2023! Please head to the podcast section of the website for more information!

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