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Book Review - The Hush Society Presents… by Izzy Matias

Book Review - The Hush Society Presents… by Izzy Matias

Hey everyone! Are you ready to get into the summer mood? Want a read that intertwines the vibrant aesthetic with bands, music, concert tours, secret societies, diving out of a comfort zone, and facing fears?

It is a lot to unpack, but I have it all for you right here. The Hush Society Presents… is a fictional paradise that unfolds the story of friends coming together through music.

After being kicked out of his band, a boy discovers the Hush Society, an underground layer of live music shows. What’s more, he meets new friends, a new girl, and sprouts his true potential as a musician.

This story proves that you can face obstacles, weather storms, and have great outcomes if only you persevere and endure the storm.

Personal choices can lead people into new storms, but how one deals with fear of the unknown shapes their character. Our main character, Cameron, decides to drop out of university and chase his dreams in music. Commitment is a difficult concept in all aspects of life, whether business, personal, relationship wise.

From a first person perspective, this story takes your hand and guides you along a charming tie of relationships, found family, creative passions, and so much more.

Alongside Cameron, Cassie also plays a great role in this story. Benji and Eric are well-rounded side characters too. Overall, this story has a great group of characters that are all so unique, diverse, and provide authentic feelings towards the topics of conversations.

In conversations, the dialogue works really well in picking up and slowing the pace of the novel where necessary. While sometimes the course of story can feel off put, Matias works in such a diligent manner that so many scenes pass through and you just keep flipping through the pages.

The summer mood does not fall short. There is constant sensory detail to remind the reader where they are setting wise and there is so much to envision as you read. In regard to sensory detail, the way the characters interact and communicate is important to understanding that setting in a three dimensional aspect. Izzy Matias works to build these relationships and friendships, hardships and nemesis in a pure way.

This is a non-spoiler review, so I will not say much about the ending, but the third act as a whole blew me away. The high stakes through dialogue and the pace quickening as mentioned before as Cameron deals with his new found life through the journey of the book is amazing. To see other characters stick through with him and how the events he is introduced to alongside the reader have impacted and bettered him is outstanding. This author does a great job with character arcs!

I recommend this book to anyone ready for a feel good mood. To seek friendship and summer vibes in a novel, but also cross themes of reality and young adults.

Thank you for reading and here is a link to the book! Support all authors!

Author Izzy Matias also promotes authors and provides outreach to the blogging and writing community. With consistent content in tandem to her novel writing passions, I hope you will take time to look into all she has to offer for the community!

All platforms are @ izzmatias

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