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Book Review - The Black Rook by Davey Cobb

Book Review - The Black Rook by Davey Cobb

This has been a long, hot summer full of reality checks and frenzies of getting inside. We long to break from reality sometimes though, and what better way than to escape with a great fantasy book?

Today I have a book review of “The Black Rook” by Davey Cobb, a fantasy novel with both an immersive setting and multiple point of views to keep you on your toes the whole time you are reading.

In this novel, we follow Barrett, Hanzus, and Mavrian. These three characters are diverse and fleshed out which makes the story shift in perspective every so often and save the plot from ever slowing down.

The narrative style in which Author Davey Cobb has written here in this book proves the potential and power he has in his way of words. Although we are witnessing a story through many different characters, there is never a moment where I was reading from one point of view and became skeptical that it should be another’s.

The ideology of equality in the underlying themes was a great attribute to the story. I read about women siding with women and men dealing with men and women in ways that prove society in a fantasy realm such as this can work together and be productive if they empathize and try to relate with one another.

Seeing concepts like so from reality drilled into fantasy is one of the best attributes a story, in my opinion, can have.

It immerses me in the story so much more than the basic characteristics of characters, plot, and setting.

The most impressive part of the story, however, deals more with the cultural situations than anything else.

Author Cobb weaves in cultural differences and standpoints with the three perspectives proving how important they really are.

If you are looking for a dark fantasy with an easy flow of writing and a style of an author you have probably not yet read, check this one out! You will not be disappointed by the first page’s action, to the near end climax and how the author rounds the story home but punches you in the gut making you want to read more!

I will talk to you all soon. Thank you for supporting authors! Visit Davey Cobb’s links below.


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