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Book Review - The Mourning (The Dreadful Death Book 3) by Ezekiel Kincaid

Book Review - The Mourning (The Dreadful Death Book 3) by Ezekiel Kincaid

Hey everyone, I am so excited to be back with a book review! Especially this author, who I have reviewed the first two installments of this trilogy for already in the past. Ezekiel Kincaid is a horror expert with a dark and witty tang to his writing you do not want to miss.

This book, “The Mourning”, is truly a great circulation and bow to tie together this entire story line. Our previous characters, Sarah, Charles, Jillian, and so many more come about in a cohesive way as if they never left.

Except a lot has changed.

Right off the bat we witness Sarah Whitfield in an institution. With traces of the demon still lurking and scaring her husband who battles internal crisis without her by his side, this story has layers and layers of dimension. This book had me on the edge of my seat, both out of anticipation and fear.

Jillian is out to try and figure out truths of the haunts of the night, but as the story is titled, maybe darkness is not all there is to mourn.

Theodosia is a tedious character with thrills, brutality, and creepy traits both in physicality and mentally.

Beyond the characters and eerie, haunted tone, it is always important for me to bring up a great setting and atmospheric book when I find one. As we hop from settings of summer to scary demon scenes and dark tales, the contrast is sharp edged to get the reader excited for something new each chapter. Without the fantastic writing style this author has towards that atmosphere and environment indifference, this story would not have had such an effect as it does!

The plot is strong as well, with action points and dialogue intermingling to create the perfect amount of anticipation and page turning effects. Theodosia is a force to be reckoned with, her way of speaking and description of body language is fantastic. The inner monologue and relationship this character has internally with their thoughts is well thought out and thought-provoking to the contrast of what she sets out to do as the story progresses.

A lot more backstory is revealed in this installment as well. But it is done in a rhythmic way that does not feel like a shovel of information or too much at once. We get just what we need as readers at just the right time.

From there on out, the story was scary, antsy, witty, but all in all a great and high-speed read. I recommend this book for anyone who is looking to get into the horror genre and does not know where to start. It will set the standards high on the scary scale, yet have you soaring through it and asking how you got to the end so fast.

Pick up this book if you have not yet!

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