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Book Review - The Gathering by Ezekiel Kincaid

Book Review - The Gathering; The Dreadful Death Book 2 by Ezekiel Kincaid

Today’s book review is a follow-up to one I have done so with before! Please check out my blog post of book one, The Dawning, of this author’s duology, and read that first!

Alright, did you read the first book? Great! Here is the review now of book two!

This is a novel of horror and nail-biting turns. From the character drive to the plot and structure, you will feel as if placed in the uncanny setting and living vicariously alongside the main characters. 

Charlie, the main centerpiece of this mastermind of a novel, provides that initiative of personable characteristics and has a great personality. The gathering of other characters from the jump, as we see Sarah and Theodosia almost immediately at the beginning of Act 1, never did I get them mixed up. This author has a way of creating distinct personalities and voices for each character. 

Theodosia is the most riveting character of all, however. For she has visions… disturbing, illusive visions of the horrors that no one wants to endure. Eerie descriptions and visuals are impossible to pass by as this novel is basically an illustration in itself. 

The young age mixed with the images is a perfect combination. This is because it conveys the imaginative and absorbent personality of youth combined with demons and horror. In a way, it lightens the situation, but not inefficiently. This perfect balance keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. 

The realism grounded in this story is immersive. Specifically the tug at how much a mother wants to help her child but can do nothing about what is happening. This story intervenes with the individual self and how at the end of the day, we are all a unique, divine selves. But to what extent?

The vivid background and foreshadowing are played off so well in this story. The writing style can be associated with many, many popular horror novels I have read in the past. Please do not pass up the opportunity to get your hands on this as the Fall season lingers. But trust me, these books are amazing year-round. Grab a snack, you will feel as if watching a movie, flipping page to page, and forgetting about your reality.

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