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Campaign for Brewmaster of Arabia by Kent L Johnson

Hey everyone, today I have an author to highlight as he gets ready to release a novel!

This campaign is a long stride of giveaways and fun, interactive promotions so you can get all the insights possible for 'Brewmaster of Arabia' by Kent L Johnson!

First off, check out his website here:

Also on the website is where you can find the entry to the poster giveaway!

This website includes short stories published, novels, and contests... as well as background on the author himself.

If you are a fan of Star Trek and the cameo, high stakes fan base that goes along with science fiction and space thrilling stories, this is one for you. In 'Brewmaster of Arabia', our two main characters Doris and Glen are in the depths of wishing for fictional dreams to come true. To live in space, to live out adventures such as those in Star Trek... they take far and wide measures to get those dreams to surface as close as physically capable.

There are so many twists and turns socially, politically, adventure-based, and scientifically with the fiction aspect. To be able to weave science fiction into reality is a unique concept that is well thought out and constructed here.

Check out the Amazon link to buy the book here:

Kent L Johnson, author of the novel, also has great insight to the story and himself.

"I’m a degreed biologist who has performed technical research, invented new lab techniques, started an e-commerce website during the age of dial-up, owned a retail store and now manage a manufacturing plant with 50 employees. During my 30 plus years of work history, I was a road warrior for a few years, travelling 3 out of 4 weeks per month which included international travel to 10 countries. I managed to peak at least once before I lost it all during the 2008 recession, but I’m on currently on an upswing. I reside in the Midwest, on the Ohio River near Louisville, Kentucky and run a seed coating plant.
I've written and published numerous short stories, usually humorous to various online zines. Links can be found on my website,, and I’m available on Twitter as @KLJohnsonWrites. My Beta readers and editor adored this book and I think you will too.
My current work in progress, The Adventures of Watson Benway, is a modern update of river life, prejudice and conflict akin to Twain’s: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."

Check out this author interview on Readers Magnet here:

There are so many aspects going into this author's works and current novel releasing now!

Check out his Twitter here:

Make sure to support fellow writers and authors, I'll talk to you soon,


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