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How To Get Into a Creative Writing Flow

Hey everyone, welcome back to Chronicles & Coffee! Today’s post is a new thread I am creating on the website that involves all of you! I recently asked a single question on my Twitter with hints that it could be turned into a blog post, and here we are. As the public can already see your answers to the beating question of the week, this is a space to formulate a better understanding and link between the writing and reading community in accordance to what everyone had to say!

So, what’s the question of the week...

How do you get into a creative writing flow?

This is a loaded question and I am so thankful for all of your responses. Here is a compilation of all of them!

Writing is a diverse craft, many people produce words on a bus, train, at a coffee shop, at their desk, even on their terrace with an afternoon pick me up. The differences were wide, but most people came out with a similar vibe.

That vibe is a safe space.

In order for writers to get in a creative flow, they designate a certain spot at home or out during their work flow for writing. A break in the system that is not abrupt and random, but specific to their needs.

This safe space was, as I said above, different for everyone. Some are more popular than others, like a coffee shop. Obviously this space depends on your lifestyle, job, personal life, and so much more.

But that was the gist for the first part, everyone has their space. Almost no one left out a physical spot for writing.

So, what then? Next, I noticed the sensory detail, sound.

Sound and auditory awareness and surroundings was such an interesting detail that so many people included!

This included a lot of charging and getting in those headphones, whether it was for music or simply noise cancellation.

Either way, it has been made clear that although they have a writing space, the sound and buffer of noise is quite important.

Another point a lot of writers made was that, well, we are not always motivated. Motivation comes from discipline, and those of you who said you sometimes just sit and designate time and space to write, even when no words have been popping out at you, that is discipline!

Discipline is so important for a creative, because those juices will flow no matter what, sometimes we just need that extra squeeze of effort.

And the fact that so many writers are aware of this proves how strong this community is.

A fourth observation I made was that writers and authors let their characters lead the way. They either put themselves in the characters’ shoes or start their session off by writing a conversation.

This went far past it just being about the characters though, as some people mentioned they envision an entire scene or go back and reread what had been written in the previous few pages to get the pot stirring.

It was insightful to read these responses and connect the dots on who does what and where and why. The creative flow is such an intrinsic idea and concept, one you can learn to adapt to or just let yourself be at a desk with pen and paper, stare at the ceiling, and let the cranks turn.

I appreciate all of your responses and hope you enjoyed this post! Look out for another weekly question soon. I usually ask multiple times throughout the week so I won’t explicitly say which one will be used for the week, I will pick at random!

Anyways, have an amazing week and I hope to talk to you soon. Get that creative flow flowing.



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Rod R. Garcia
Rod R. Garcia
Jan 22, 2023

I have a sound-proofed recording studio, so I'm very fortunate in having a safe-space and noise-reduction wrapped up in a neat 110 sq ft package. I love a warm cup of coffee in front of me, and some instrumental music playing to set (and maintain) the mood. All I need now is one of those artificial fireplaces to set the mood!

Thank you, as always, for sharing your insights! You're amazing!


Brian Simpson
Brian Simpson
Jan 21, 2023

I’m pretty much an anywhere anytime writer. Surroundings and distractions aren’t much of an issue for me anymore.


William Eckel
William Eckel
Jan 21, 2023

I'm a five am in my cozy office with a pot of coffee kinda writer.

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