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What I Love About Fall

Not to start off or come off as dramatic, but fall is my favorite time of year. It has officially been fall for almost two weeks, and I really need to get into the right mindset. Yesterday was my first Blogtober post and I really wanted to get in my first book review, so I’m officially starting my fall-themed excerpts today. Not all posts will follow the theme, but most will.

Anyways, fall. I love everything about this season. The crisp air, the weather change, the leaf change, the seasonal coffee, the vicious cycle of movie nights and warm dinners. I especially love the wardrobe change. I always have a newfound confidence when this time of year rolls around. I love jeans, pants in general, jackets, layering clothes, beanies, cute shoes. I love traveling in this weather and experiencing seasonal change in different environments. I feel like the jump from summer to fall is the most dramatic season change in terms of what meets the eye. And I love it, did I mention that?

The absolute main reason I love this season, however, is the fact that it’s a kickstart to the most festive time of year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. And in between those I have family gatherings, relative’s birthdays, gift shopping, holiday traveling, homemade food, enchanting holiday music, chilly weather. It really does not get better than this, and if you think I'm being dramatic, then a bit more romanticizing of life needs to happen. If you want a deeper understanding of how I started to romanticize the little things in life, let me know!

This year I believe fall will be more special than ever for me personally. As I’ve mentioned once or twice or thirty times above, this is my favorite season. But it’s different this year because I'm now in college. I don’t primarily live at home, I commute across the state. My new home city has a much different landscape; more hills and suburb areas, a much closer ideal mountainous environment compared to my actual hometown. This excites me because I feel like the season will be much more drastic here than home and that’s all I can ask for. Colder weather, more autumn-colored leaves, you get the idea of what I romanticize about.

When it comes to being more special, I believe having to drive home for holidays and breaks will help me find a deeper love for family and the true meaning behind the holiday spirit, as cliché as that may sound. I always have had a strong connection with my family, but I can already mentally and physically see it as stronger than before since I'm not surrounded by them 24/7 anymore. And for that reason, I just know coming home for Thanksgiving break and making casseroles, watching the Macy’s Day Parade, the Cowboy’s NFL game, eating yummy foods, and going Black Friday shopping at 5:00 am will hit differently in a much more cherished and sentimental way than any other previous year. Same for winter/Christmas break; the annual vacations we take, the present shopping, Christmas Eve dinner, matching Christmas pajamas, Christmas morning, the candy cane hunt... all of these traditions already feel much more down to earth than any of my childhood and high school years.

Although I have the availability to retreat home for any reason while at college, this lifestyle change is still drastic, and that is why I feel extra excited for this upcoming fall and winter seasons. And as a recap, autumn is my favorite. No questions asked. Did you get that? Blogtober is going to be so fun, such a great excuse to pour constant content onto this blog. I have NaNoWriMo 2021 plans, and so much motivation and excitement bottled up inside me to do the most while I have the capabilities to do so! Thank you for following my journey so far and if you read to the end, you mean the world to me.

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