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Why Do You Write?

Why Do You Write?

Hey everyone, today I have another compilation post from a Twitter question! I have really been enjoying making these gathered posts, and today’s question we are tackling got the most feedback yet.

Why do you write?

With almost 100 responses, there are so many ways to take this question and unpack it. To be passionately creative, to use writing as a coping mechanism, a way of thinking and expressing emotions, just to tell stories that lay rent free in our heads… writing is the root of so many amazing outlets and reasons. So, let’s talk.

The top answer received, as well as my own top reason, is escapism. Escapism into the world unknown from our own minds and imagination, a way to express our thoughts and opinions of reality in combination with the fantastical, whimsical elements formed from our minds and souls. Some people say they are literally addicted to writing, whether it be on a laptop, tablet, phone, or pen to paper. The addiction to either seeing a world come to life, our thoughts mind mapped onto a page… it’s a relentless serenity.

It’s therapeutic. To work through our thoughts, as some say, is a form of therapy and coping. We navigate the human mind and organize the chaos and transform it into a revolutionized way. That can make sense to others, but really, just makes perfect sense to ourselves. And that is all that really matters.

Some people use writing to log their dreams and fantastical ideas. Some write because they are artists who portray their art in this form of craft. To craft words on a page and paint a visual image is a gift. We have stories to tell, stories that are within us bundled up and ready to explode.

Others say that writing is just who they are. I agree with that. Sometimes you do not need a reason to tap into that pen to page momentum. It just comes. A daily regime that never goes away, like breathing and eating. An exercise for the mind with dual importance of physical movement for the body.

We are all storytellers, but writers are like magicians and sorcerers with magic wands waving over the page. It is a true craft that we can work towards and get great at. All of us have stories, some of us decide to make those stories visible to others. And the way that one gets better at writing? By just writing.

Some find writing a challenge, but a challenge worth pursuing. A reward in itself. A few people say they just want to log their experiences whether it be fitness, travel, food… and that is just as important. For me, I like to write stories, but I also like to write my thoughts and small daily accomplishments to prove to myself that I am making progress and working towards my best self even if it is a “simple” day.

And there is the side of it where people write to entertain. To be rich. To be famous. There is no fault in this position, they are still writers. Some want to change the world through writing, others write because they claim to not be able to sing, dance, draw, or compose craft in another way.

In sum, the reasons are infinite. But seeing the correlation and personalized touch to how each and every one explains themselves is star striking. We are all here in union with one common thread of passion and craft; writing. But the root, the origin of the “why” is always so interesting and unique, no matter how common people’s answers may seem.

Understanding that we all perceive and act on the craft in different ways for different reasons helps build community. Below is a link to the thread, stop by and check it out!

Be sure to check out all else Chronicles & Coffee is tackling in this industry. I will see you next time!



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