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6 Things To Do This Fall

Fall is the best season, in my opinion. The weather is perfect, the overall vibes are just so comfortable and cozy. I always become more motivated to do things during the fall, whether it be to try new places, travel, find new hobbies. So that is what I am sharing today, things to do this fall! Of course, there is so much more than this simple list, but here is my input as a college student!

Staying Active: Everyone wants to be active, but the motivation factor is sometimes hard to break past. Thanks to the fall season, walking outside and just getting out always seems so much easier because of its crisp and clean air, and perfect temperatures. So going for walks and runs always becomes a priority during this season and comes naturally because of how nice it is becoming outside. Going with friends and family is fun, but by yourself is just so much better.

Being Social: In college, social life is important. Personally, I love to be on my own. But this time of year brings out a friendly side in a lot of people, am I the only one who sees that? Anyways, it is the perfect time to do some shopping, go on coffee dates, go on that walk, pretty much do anything with a friend. You do not have to be friends with a million people, find that one person, whether it is a best friend or your mom, and spend time with them.

Finding Yourself: On the flip side, this season is also for bundling up at home, settling in, and spending time with yourself. Nothing makes me genuinely happier than the cold rain trapping me in my warm candle-lit room, watching a movie, YouTube, reading, writing, or just lying in bed listening to music. Self-discovery is all through the process of life, you cannot schedule a date to find yourself, but this season sure does help me start!

Writing: Along with the writing aspect of finding yourself, using creative writing prompts and journaling ideas from the internet (I love Pinterest), can help spark so many ideas you never thought of before. So, take the time to write, whether it is personal or fictional. I keep a personal notebook to let out how I feel, but I find myself getting the same pressure released off my shoulders through creative writing. That is why I am partaking in NaNoWriMo this year. I have gone through the self-defining phase and have been writing and reading so much that I have compiled ideas to create my own novel. This challenge is perfect for fall too, it grounds you and helps your creative juices flow. The sense of accomplishment will feel amazing too!

Cooking: I never was into cooking until I was on my own. Even now I still try to cook easy meals and not deal with the hassle. But something sparks inside of me during fall and winter. All I want to do is cook and bake new things. So, I encourage you to look up fun recipes and compile them in your notes or on a document and refer back to them at least once or twice a week. IT can be a challenge, but again, the sense of accomplishment it provides when you eat that meal is so satisfying. I also take advantage of this time by experimenting with healthy alternatives and trying new foods!

Go Book Shopping: Based on my algorithm, if you are here you probably read or write. But if not, this idea still pertains to you! Book shopping is so freeing, you literally walk down aisles of shelves full of thousands of different worlds. The coziness and confined used bookstores, as well as the franchised new bookstores, are all so well put and provide a perfect atmosphere for fall. Thinking about this right now makes me want to go get coffee and browse bookstores around town. But no matter if you like books or not, going to these stores provides a whole new outlook on topics, just browse the shelves and see where you end up!

I have so many more ideas for fall, but these are just general ones I wanted to share today. They are easily accessible and fun to do. Stop scrolling on your phone, after reading this of course, and find a list of freeing things to do yourself! Take advantage of this time of year, it only comes once a year! I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any more ideas to share, please do so below, I would love to see some new ones!

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