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Altering My Content

Hey everyone, it's me again. And it has been a while, again. Sorry about that.

The main reason? 2022 is my year for self-improvement, growth, and love. And in order to do that properly, at least in my case, I needed to step away. But I am back, and I have broadened my horizons on what content I want to be creating!

Starting in 2022, my blog and social media platforms are going to start sharing a larger array of lifestyle content, still including books, but also clothing brands, food trends, fashion trends, day in the life ideas and experiences, and so much more.

I realized that this platform became too structured and forced to a point where I didn't enjoy it anymore so now we change that!

If you are a clothing brand manager, book author, shop owner, or any of the sorts that wants a promotion on your brand, please reach out because I will be doing free brand deals (gift only) until March!

I appreciate everyone's patience and cannot wait to see what the year holds!

Make sure to follow my Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok!

Twitter- @livi2chronicles

Instagram- @livibrooks

TikTok- @oliviabrooks815

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