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Ditching Latest Fiction in My New Year's TBR List for These Best Seller Books

Ditching Latest Fiction in My New Year's TBR List for These Best Seller Books

Bonus message at the end!

Have you ever finished your TBR list exactly when you said you would? Yeah, me neither!

Having uploaded the review of “the pit”, I could finally sit down for a cup of coffee. But the universe had other plans for me because I spotted something behind the sofa. You guessed it right - it was my TBR list.

It was the one I made last year, now lying lonely and forgotten in the corner. But that’s the thing about TBR lists, isn’t it? You make them and you forget them!

But the fact that I saw this list halfway across December probably means I should take it as a sign and add this list to my new year’s resolution. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. But you’re probably more interested in the list itself than my rant about how I didn’t get to drink my coffee in peace, so here it is!

Why I still haven’t read this NY times best seller is a mystery I haven’t been able to solve. Why? Because it’s so famous it feels like a crime that I haven’t read it already!

It is a fantasy novel about a black girl and a white magical society. Bree wants nothing to do with her family after her mother’s death and school seems like the perfect escape for her.

Who thinks of school as an escape?

Anyways, there she witnesses a magical attack and realizes there’s more to her mother’s death than the police report. She joins another legendborn student to help her get to the truth, only to find out that she has to choose between taking the society down or joining the fight.

Another novel from the NY times best sellers list that makes me feel like a cheater in the book community for not having read it already.

Each decade 6 people with magical powers are chosen and promised a life of wealth, power and prestige beyond their wildest imagination. The latest six will train for a year before the initiation begins. Only five will be chosen and one will be eliminated.

I believe TBR lists are incomplete without at least one classic novel.

A passionate historical fiction with a love story about Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff that has been revised time and time again to include elements of the modern age.

Three in one? Count me in!

This fiction book has 2 novellas and one novel that talks about how women can be affected by different things. The first one: by the process of aging, the second one: by loneliness and the third one: by the coldness and ignorance of a loved one.

I’m the most excited about this yet another novel on the ny times best sellers list! Imagine reading about 2 generations in a single book!

This book covers a period of 40 years and is about two black twins who are identical and always will be. But when they run away, one sister blends into the white community while the other one lives in the same town with her black daughter.

Even after being so many miles away, the twin’s lives are still intertwined because what will happen to their next generation?

I can never say no to a wholesome journey of a love story with elements of sadness, grief, loneliness and loss. At this point, I’m wondering if I’m obsessed with the NY times best sellers list or what?

Sunja is the daughter of a fisherman. She falls in love with a wealthy man who makes her empty promises. But once she finds out that she is pregnant and her lover is married, she decides to marry a sickly minister and abandon her home.

This decision of hers could destroy her generations to come!

This one isn’t fiction but it’s worth reading so I just had to add it here.

It is a memoir by a goodreads author. Tara unfolds her life in this book. She was born in a family of survivalists which meant everything had to be solved with as little as possible.

The concept of education was non-existent. Tara taught herself and got into Brigham Young University from where she continued to learn and crossed oceans to Harvard and Cambridge only to start wondering if she had gone too far away from her family.

I want to end this TBR list by saying, these are not the only books I’m going to read in the next year. I’ll update with the reviews and recommendations as I go so stay tuned!

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Thank you so much for being here and message me with your anticipated reads and recommendations!

See you soon,

Olivia B.


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