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Book Analysis - The Dacian Enigma by Charles Edward Williams


The Dacian Enigma is placed during the main course of the Roman Empire, where society and political means rule all through war and authoritarian regimes.

Cletus is a very prominent and experienced man within the world created by the author. His most distinct characteristics I instantly depicted was his vulnerability to obedience and his constant observational inner critic. He is good at wearing an expressionless look to any visitor or foe and observing their fondness before deciding whether to trust that character or not.

The way the author describes Cletus displays his superiority, including how he “towering over the visitor” near the beginning of the story. I find these details simple yet effective when needing to understand where the protagonist stands at the beginning of the story. This author does so with ease and clarity.

The sentence structure and overall word choice sets the sophisticated tone of the novel. Using precise and under abundant words not normally seen to describe a character or setting is what enhanced this story in my eyes. The author knows how to balance out using wide-reaching words without creating a bore of wordiness.

Although it would have been interesting to read this story through Cletus’s eyes, the author made a great choice in writing this book in the third person view point. There are so many exquisite characters that needed formal character development which would not have been properly executed if not in third person. As a reader you are able to see so many perspectives of so many characters, throughout the entire book.

This review is full of characters, but I believe in no spoiler reviews and the best way I can explain this complex and thrilling novel is through explaining the characters. Draco was a riveting addition to this book, someone with emotions the reader can connect to. He was important in keeping the sane human emotion throughout the plot.

The plot driven by a Roman soldier’s story is something I have never thought to lay hands on, and this books is exactly what I needed to start in this specific array of work. The explanation of the ranks of the Roman Empire and experiencing different characters fight their way through in and through out the ideas of leadership, war, politics, and rank is so compelling.

Definitely read this book if you are willing to feel the experience of time travel, as this book truly makes you feel as if you are standing in the times of the Roman Empire. Obsessional, captivating, thrilling, the only way I can explain this great book.

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JamieAdStories Writer
JamieAdStories Writer
17 thg 10, 2021

An interesting viewpoint to explore. Great discussion!

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