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Book Review - Johnny Walker Demon Slayer by Ezekiel Kincaid

Book Review - Johnny Walker Demon Slayer by Ezekiel Kincaid

Back here with author Ezekiel Kincaid to fill all of your fantastical hauntings that involve demons.

In this addition of Kincaid’s writings, we seek out demon killing in the most unique yet witty way with our main character, Johnny Walker. While there is now a discovered way to kill demons, there are no demons to commit such action on.

So, what does one do when they lack their essential target? The most practical thing ever, he figures out how to possess people and bring demons back.

This redneck has no relent or remorse towards living his most adventurous and wildlife… even if it could possibly hinder those around him.

A simple experiment persay, a study to test out this demon killing technique turns to a savage novel on saving a town, and Johnny from his own internal ghosts, from being completely defeated and destroyed by a man-made apocalypse.

Johnny Walker is an interesting character full of life with the heart of passion that one’s calling does not die, it evolves. And this evolution has turned to a calling from God, a calling to fix a huge mess one has never made before.

There are redneck family and friends that give this novel the light-heartedness you would not expect from a demon slayer story. Gore and violence that is so well described yet not unbearable for any audience. The shift between reality, plot, flaws, and desires is done in a teetering balance that ignites the story forward the entire time. Johnny is a hero we all need in our lives, or at least subconsciously, to get us out in the world and teach us what it really means to live.

The side characters and subplots only add to the story as well, never hinder. To be able to spot that in a genre I rarely read is astonishing. As someone who, by default, reads like a writer, this is a book with spunk and power that I can see staying alive as a staple story for many years to come.

If you need some relief but excitement in your next read, an apocalypse man handled by a redneck filled with heart and dignity, Johnny Walker Demon Slayer by Ezekiel Kincaid is the book for you!

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