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Book Review - Jason Phoenix and the Demon Lamp by Kyle Willis

Book Review - Jason Phoenix and the Demon Lamp by Kyle Willis

Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog. Today’s book review is from Young Adult fantasy fiction writer Kyle Willis. This story is one of coming of age, magic and power, challenges of macro and micro levels that will resonate with every reader, and so much more depth.

Jason Phoenix is a teenager with qualities that are easy to visualize from the page and illustrate in your mind to become super familiar with. He is living in the mind of a stereotypical teen with acute problems that can be nostalgic, especially with the writing style of author Willis. The turn from the ordinary world happens when Jason finds a lamp and comes across a compromise with consequences laced in between.

The journey from there is one bound to tie you down as a reader and keep you turning the page. The majestic use of tone to display fantastical elements with humanized, realistic portrayals is super well thought out and executed.

We go between Jason fighting groups of dangerous people while also fighting his own mind and newly found skill. It is as if we are learning alongside him and being let in on these new sources of secrecy that come with the power from the compromise in the lamp.

Alongside so, Jason deals with that circulation of normalcy as another character, Taylor Collins, continues to draw on in his mind as a want and need in his life. Jason’s heart for this friend to turn more is only becoming an obstacle in the grand scheme of his powers and new lifestyle, so it is a super cool experience to watch him balance out these opposing obstacles and challenges along the journey of saving his hometown.

The thrill of this novel mixed with the fictitious aspects is fantastic. The reader is strapped in alongside the main character, which is my personal favorite way to approach a new world. To see through the lens of the protagonist and learn along the way, basically holding on to them as they weave through life’s obstacles. Author Kyle Willis is great at establishing setting and producing smooth dialogue to enhance the plot while also letting the reader get a feel for each characters’ distinct voice.

The balance between fiction, action, slow burn problems, and slight romance will have you on edge… to want to keep flipping the page nonstop.

Make sure to pick up this read if you have not already! The Amazon link is below, as well as Kyle Willis’ Twitter to keep up with his future work and career!


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