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Book Analysis – Thunder Peak (Tamm Chronicles) by Trae Stratton

Book Analysis – Thunder Peak (Tamm Chronicles) by Trae Stratton

Take a chance and join the world of Thunder Peak! This book is full of adventure and action, but also perfect to bundle up and read on a rainy day. The world-building and scenery explained throughout the story are outstanding with their imagery. The amounts of territory, mountainous, and both valleys throughout the story are illustrated so precisely and complexly, it is like watching a movie!

Both Jonas and Casey are compelling characters, families who stick together. Their wise minds and adventurous souls take the reader through realms, magical gates, newly found powers, and Thunder Peak as a whole. The overall Southwest setting helped to create a more suspenseful and interesting plot, as well as a great atmosphere. Casey is very sweet and charming and respectful to her adopted father, and their relationship helps express their individual personalities so well.

The enhancement of fantasy and magical creatures made the book so enticing. The unicorn was a great symbol and addition to the story, as it tied along with the theme of truth in the story, in my opinion. Along with the symbols, the themes were perfect for a middle-grade-aged and young adult reader who is into fantasy but also wants to get meaning from a story. The themes of friend and family relationship, and the obstacles of leadership.

Overall, I have so much good to say about this book in comparison to bad, but I do not like to spoil books or give away big plot scenes in my reviews. Thank you to this author for sending me a copy of this magnificent book. I will definitely be passing it around to friends, and hopefully sparking interest for you to check it out!


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