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Book Review - The Last War by Ian E. S. Adler

Do you want to hop on a train of adventure and go beyond the normal fantasy twist of stories? The Last War is filled with electric moments that keep a reader on the edge of their seat, and make you want to continue to read just to stand alongside the vivid characters!

This was a fantastic read! As an aspiring author, I always look for prologues that speak clearly and avoid info dumps, because I myself plan to write one for my story idea and personally do not care for them in other books. But enough about me, the point is that this story provided a fantastic prologue! The storytelling mixed with the authenticity of character and backstory makes this fantasy story have a realistic spark.

There are many obstacles intertwined with the action between the main characters, but that helps the stakes to continue to raise and keep the reader on the edge of their seat. The antagonism aspects of invasion works very well with the character Emrys, who is my personal favorite.

The story is so intricate and packed with detail that one page skipped could leave a reader in the dust. And for that reason, I can only say so much in this review in order to avoid spoilers.

The dialogue is a great leeway throughout the novel to understand the characters better and to foreshadow further acts, and the plot is most definitely driven by the characters.

If not already apparent from this review, I loved the characters! Alder does a great job making them jump off the page no matter how relevant one is to the story.

If you are a reader of fantasy or science-fiction or are just in the mood for a call to adventure, definitely pick this one up! And get ready, there are more from this author to come in the future!


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