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Letters: Consider this the Pilot.

In short, I'm here as an alternative of putting pen to paper. Even though I do write in three different journals everyday, being able to type out different feelings and emotions is just that more convenient when sitting in the living room with four other girls, lol.

Before I continue, It's important to mention the setting and the plot of current chapter of my story. I'm Olivia Brooks, most known as Livi. I'm 18 years old, a freshman at Florida State University , an avid reader and writer, major over thinker and anxious 24/7. And back to the education side, I am double majoring in Political Science and English, specifically Editing, Writing and Media. I aspire to live in New York City one day and work for The New York Times.

More internal facts about me, as to why I'm starting this blog, is because although I have no problem with confrontation and meeting new people, I am terrible at expressing my feelings and emotions in a casual manner to those that are close to me. Example, ever since I was little, every time I caused the smallest of minor conveniences that negatively effected anyone in my family, especially my mom, I would write multiple page letters explaining my sorrow, my feelings towards the situation, and how I'll better myself. Mind you, no one ever made me do this.

So yeah, although I have always had people close to me to talk to, I always averted to writing instead. And now that I'm not down the hall from my parents to hand them a letter explaining how I feel about whatever situation, consider this blog a letter to you. My hopes is that my trust issues will resolve in some way through this website, as well as my plateau of anxiety. Message me anything, I want to talk!

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