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Letting Go Before Moving Forward

So does that title sound dramatic? Oh well, I’ve tried to implement letting go of the little things that make me anxious. And that starts with this blog. I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but never have gotten the courage to do It. And why? Because of insecurities and that weird anxious feeling or becoming found on the Internet. But isn’t that what I want?

I call myself a baby mentally for stopping myself from creating such a simple thing that will make me happy. Blogging and writing and becoming a part of the writing community on social media is all I really want. And I’ve never followed through because of assumptions.


Those lousy thoughts and predicaments formulated in my head that have no root cause or likeliness of even happening. It’s just a result of my overthinking mind and worst-case-scenario mind set, which my mom always tells me to navigate away from. But can you blame me? I mean really, I got a disease that 1/100,000 people get and those people most always are in the “elderly” age group. I’m 18.

But anyway, this post is the gateway post to all the lifestyle, fictional, and random excerpts I post on here. This is fun for me, and I need to keep that mindset. This is for me. Why am I more comfortable with strangers reading my work than people I actually know? This is my social breakthrough. If this gets around and one day does build up in views from the sources of gods I'm still trying to become spiritually connected with, then welcome, and hi again, if I know you. I hope you like my blog.

This is me letting go, and now am moving forward to do what I genuinely love, write.

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