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On Building A Name For Yourself

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

As an individual trying to enter the creative and entrepreneurial industry, it can be very difficult to build a name for myself. It is, in fact, not past tense… lol. But I have been trying different social media platforms and researching different ways to build up a reputation and have set forth on a journey to put myself out there. Here’s what I hav been doing.


I have many social media platforms for my personal life, but I wanted to start one for the business and professional aspect of my life. Intercepting my pictures with friends at the beach with professionalism of reviewing author’s work did not sound right, so that’s why I started up my Twitter account. Twitter has endless possibilities as I have learned and so many niches of communities. Finding the writing community through Twitter is unlike how it would be on any other platform. The easy access to people and topics is amazing. I definitely recommend just starting up a Twitter and posting multiple times a day about what you are passionate about. It will slowly pay off.


Starting a blog was scary for me because I hadd initial intentions of posting updates on my personal life. I do this occasionally, but not often. Instead I have linked my blog to more of the niche of the writing and find myself much more confident in doing so. I do book reviews and post content as I feel right, and it is fun. Yes… fun. I made a promise to myself that I would not make the blog a chore, which is why you may see me more active in some time frames than others. The flexibility is great. If I did post everyday I could have a bigger following, but I am in no rush and am using this platform to again, just get my name out there. So, I definitely Italy recommend just starting up a free blog and getting your writing out there in any way!


I just started an Etsy account the other day. I am selling digital downloads of art prints and planner spreadsheets. It is complete passive income. Once I design my downloads I just upload them to my page and there they are to buy. I have no sales yet but I have paid one dollar a day for a month for Etsy Ads and it has brought in so many views. This has also opened up my experience to Canva Pro which looks great on my end for internships.


I have also put up a journal that I designed on Canva Pro for sale on Amazon! This is also a passive income and a great way for me to begin to understand the entrepreneurial industry in a beginner way. I plan to make more cover designs and post more.

Overall, these simple steps have made me feel more confident on media platforms and more productive. It is so fun to get this experience in my own and learn from experienced users online. I recommend doing any of these if you have the pass time to do so, and comment on my Twitter or on this post if you have any other ideas than what I do on how to easily get your name out there!

Have a great day!

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Martin Dukes
Martin Dukes
Jul 18, 2022

This all sounds very sensible advice and it appears, as you suggest, that patience and perseverance is key here. Thank you!

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