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How To Create An Ideal Reading & Writing Space!

How To Create An Ideal Reading & Writing Space!

Hey everyone! As we head into a new year, productivity, goal setting, and just getting stuff done is at the top of a lot of our lists! I am a firm believer that your atmosphere conducts some sort of inspiration in you and your work. For example, if you follow me on any platform, it is likely you see me posting my desk space and/or coffee shop pictures. I love my space to feel just right, it is just as important as any other factor to productivity!

So today I am going to talk about creating that ideal space for your reading and writing endeavors, as well as any other hobbies or jobs. Personally, my college apartment desk is my sanctuary. There is a nook space in my room and I have made it my shrine. I have written two novel drafts there, read countless pages of books, brainstormed and conducted my social media, work on college coursework, and meet with people and work on my internship. In short, that space is where the magic happens.

And I truly believe that magic only became brighter after personalizing it!

So, how did I do that?

First of all, the desk itself. My desk in college is rather small compared to my desk at home, but in all honesty that is probably for the better. It minimizes distraction and forces me to only have absolute essentials on the desk. Right now, my desk has a lamp, a salt lamp, a few cute decorations, and a coaster because I always have water, coffee, or tea. Alongside so, I keep a divider for papers to go into but usually it holds notebooks I do not reach for all the time, it switches up though. And then I keep my pen pouch and sticky note and annotating tabs pouch out as well. Since the walls are so closed in and confined in this small space, I can lean my notebooks on the ground against it and they are in arms reach which is perfect.

There is also a drawer in the desk which holds extra stationery and paper, stuff I do not need to grab for ever day but I am glad it is there. My chair is boring, the “come with the college apartment” type of gray chair, so I added a cute green blanket to leave draped over it.

All of this to say, I like my space to have only essentials, but not boring. I like my decor and cute things. So that moves on to the walls. One wall in my corner is a collage of pictures I found on Pinterest that inspire me, the other wall has two floating shelves with cute decor I have collected over time or have been gifted… and I have a collage print I made of New York City. The one constant vision and inspiration since I was little. And finally, the wall next to and on the blinds to my window hangs cool little trinkets as well.

You get the gist, personalization yet organized chaos yet essential and minimalistic… well, maybe minimalistic is pushing it.

So now, how can you create this safe space for yourself?

I would say the number one thing is to find that corner space and dedicate it solely to a work space. No storage for food or clothes, no hanging purses or putting random things on the desk because you don’t feel like putting things away. This is a space for your brain.

My tip is to find this space and leave it completely blank until you have a vision for it.

  • What can you provide to this space to make it the most you?

  • How will this space provide to you?

  • What will you be doing here?

  • Are you a decorator or a minimal object type of person?

Questions like these, combined with Pinterest, leads to the fun. Find the aesthetics of rooms and decor you enjoy, as far fetched as the impossibly beautiful Pinterest rooms may seem, and nitpick how you can create this into your own.

Find simple organization strategies, my best suggestion is to look through Amazon for affordable desk and stationery pieces. Although I would say that usually no organization bins or folders work better for me, I find stacking my things in an orderly way that fits my brain is better than cramming the space with an organization that ends up not being used.

Depending on your style, I have a few printable sheets of cute note taking papers as well as decor printables for your walls! Definitely check these out at a very cheap and affordable price to amp up your space, and they are on sale right now! Having a certain aura to my space and what I create makes me that much more motivated… maybe it will you too!

Wall Decor:

Nature Aesthetic:

Sun and Moon Aesthetic:

Modern Art Aesthetic:

Notepads and Fun Planning Sheets!

Planner Sheets:

Simple and Elegant Notes Sheets:

Alright, there is some simple inspiration yet cute and engaging pieces to spice up your space! Of course, there are thousands of options of designs and decor themes to choose from, these are just a nice little boost or inspiration!

The last part of this is the option to just leave the space a blank canvas. And begin doing your thing. Read in the space. Write in the space. Work in the space. As you do all of these things, you will subconsciously look around and think about what could go on the empty wall or in the empty corner of the desk.

Opportunities are endless, but they are all yours! I hope this helped make you want to vamp or revamp your space for 2023! Thanks for reading!

See you soon!

Olivia B.


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