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The Support All Independent Authors Deserve Is Here!

The Support All Independent Authors Deserve Is Here!

Are you an individual author working on publishing and promoting your own work?

Have you grown tired of it yet?

I mean seriously, you went through all the work of writing the novel, editing and critiquing, polishing… and now here you are because the traditionally published route was either the not preferred or out of reach way to go.

And for good reason.

Independent authors have limitless abilities and opportunities as they direct themselves down their own path of success.

And here I am today to present to you a recently founded non-profit dedicated to aiding people like you to make that next step to your goals possible and a little less stressful. Introducing TIVCORP, The Ita Volui Corporation. A movement where grants are given to independent authors who deserve this boost.

Check out the website below after finishing up this read as I quickly go over the basics you need to know to receive up to $1,000 USD!

TIVCORP is run by director Nick Oliveri, @ faultyharb on Twitter.

Applications are simple, no template necessary. Just simply provide on a document any information about yourself, your work, and all in between you deem substantial to justify your reasoning! Then, email that document as a pdf to…

Complete this by March 1st, 2023!

ATTENTION: March 1st, 2023!!!

By the end of March 2023, up to $1,000 USD will be given away to independent authors (as well as independent presses, collectives, magazines, etc.)!

Expectedly, this money is advised to be spent on the cost of book production and promotion, regardless of what forms they may take.

Now please go back up to the URL to their website and reach out! As this is a recently founded organization, the continual cycle of author reach helps build the awareness and online presence of this amazing group!

I hope this post was helpful to all of you independent, hard working writers! Please share this post to friends and family, as well as spreading it across social media platforms to bring more awareness and presence to the non-profit!

I’ll see you soon!

Olivia B.



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