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The End of NaNoWriMo 2022!

The End of NaNoWriMo

Hey everyone! Happy December… my personal favorite time of the year. I cannot believe November is already gone. Although it feels like time moved so quickly when I look back at what I accomplished and saw all of you accomplished as well, this past month offered so much room for growth!

In November for NaNoWriMo, I completely reconstructed the story I wrote in NaNoWriMo 2021. This second draft was rewritten word for word. I changed probably three-quarters of the plot and a complete shift and addition to subplots and themes. That being said, I was overwhelmed going into October when prepping this write. However, I stayed consistent with myself, brainstormed like crazy, and sparks flew.

As a creative, you know the feeling. May I not have to explain?

And as a result, I wrote an 84,000 word second draft of my novel in November. Might I say, in twenty days? Alongside doing so, I was able to read eight books that month and enjoy Thanksgiving break with my family with no distractions. As a full-time college student on top of so, I have found that college has been more of a learning curve not for educational purposes, but organizational purposes.

Yes, I do learn a lot and have created papers and portfolios and stories in my courses this semester, which is so amazing for the long run, but this semester specifically I have really gotten down to the bare bone of schedule for myself and staying organized in a way that leaves me balanced.

I have always been a planner girl, but now it is to the max. In the best way possible. And with my journal on hand at all times.

So, what’s next for my NaNoWriMo novel? The first step was to let it sit. My first draft sat for eleven months after I dreaded having to let it sit that first week when finishing… and then ended up not touching it and working on a whole new story. But letting it marinate did wonder! Now since this is a much more solid foundational story to work with, I am letting it sit for two and a half weeks, though the suggestion is two.

On December 10th, on my plane ride to New York City, I will pick up the printed draft and the notes and ideas I have jotted down the past week or so, and begin a read through. The rest of December will be dedicated to reading through and picking as if with a sharp needle through the story. Not touching the story via laptop until January. I already have ideas I want to include in the next draft, which I was bummed to not think of while writing the draft, but hey, the best ideas come through writing!

I would have never thought of the ideas if I did not write the original ones. But man, the outline helped so much… but my characters had minds of their own and popped up in scenes unexpectedly and said things I did not think about at first. That is the beauty of storytelling.

In January, I plan to weave the notes and ideas into a third draft. In the first half of February I will let it sit and marinate, in the second half of February I will come up with ideas for a fourth draft, and then March will be dedicated to that fourth one. I am hauling through because I know this story is closer than ever before to where I want it to be. By the end of my Junior year of college, I want this novel confidently done for agents to see.

Over the summer, the querying will begin.

Alongside that story plan, I will have five courses and an internship, as well as many social media additions and ideas to conduct. I hope you will stay along for my journey, and I hope in any way this can inspire you to plan ahead as nothing can stop you! You are capable of anything if you put your mind to it, I promise!

See you soon with more updates! Message me with yours, I love hearing from you!

Olivia B.


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