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NaNoWriMo 2022 Essentials!

Here we are! The first day of National Novel Writing Month 2022! I am so excited to rewrite my novel and keep up with all of you! Today I am going to give a quick rundown of my NaNoWriMo essentials in hopes to inspire yours and give insight into my process.

So let’s get right into it because there is writing to get done!

  1. Notebook

    1. Having my novel notebook with my outline, research, and notes on the story is essential. I carry it in my backpack everywhere anyways, but especially this month. I also track my progress here… the visual of completion is so motivating.

  2. Laptop or Phone

    1. I have seen the trend of writing a novel on a phone. Sounds amazing, but I could never. My laptop is my best friend and will be attached to my hip everywhere I go.

  3. Hard Drive

    1. Make sure you have a USB to back up your work no matter how short or long your writing progress is!

  4. Airpods

    1. I don’t necessarily listen to music every time I write, but I do like to most of the time and if not then the noise cancellation feature on the AirPods is the best!

  5. Water & Drinks

    1. I make sure to keep water with me at all times. But I also like to have other drinks to sip on while writing. My go-to is hot coffee in the morning, occasional iced coffee in the afternoon, Dr. Pepper Cream Soda at night, and so much water throughout.

  6. Snacks

    1. I have reached away from being a snacker, but when writing sometimes a good snack is my motivator, fuel, and reward. My go-to snacks are popcorn, Bamba from Trader Joe’s, chocolate rice cakes, pickles, and protein bars! Weird combos, maybe.

  7. Printed out draft

    1. If this is your first draft, disregard this essential. Me, I am going into a second draft, so it was essential for me to print the first draft so that I can refer to it as a reference book.

  8. Reference books

    1. Speaking of, I have a few favorites! I read a ton of reference books, I recommend getting them from Thrift Books. My favorite reference book that will forever be in my bag when I am drafting past the first draft is the Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Creative Expression… lifesaver.

  9. Mood Board

    1. My Pinterest is always pulled up in a separate tab. I have a board for my novel and refer to it anytime I need inspiration or reference for a place, clothing item, aesthetic, etc.

There are my essentials! Also always bring confidence and a creative mind! Do not doubt the potential you have not even attempted to reach yet. Slow progress is progress… consistency is key! Good luck this month and look out for my weekly updates!

See you soon!

Olivia B.



Lacey Bonvillian
Lacey Bonvillian

I definitely just took some notes! I was gonna try NaNoWriMo this year, but I found out about it literally the day before it started and I'm too much of a planner for that. Gonna join in next year though. Good luck!

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