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Think of Yourself as an Influencer

I feel the need to use this blog as a reminder to myself on how to perceive and react to things that happen in my life. But I also want to share the ways of thinking I go through in certain situations as I see fit to benefit anyone. So for this excerpt, think of yourself as an influencer. And I do not mean a social media influencer or famous TikTok dancer, let me explain.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we all have had that moment where someone does something or buys something very similar to your own right after you do it. For instance, you buy a shirt, and the girl to your left in math class is wearing it two days after you. Or it could be a situation where you talk about wanting to travel somewhere and visit a specific place, and then someone you know just happens to have the same travel plans soon after. It may sound like high school drama, but in reality, these small notions from other people sometimes hit deep and make you frustrated.

That is, until I came across the influencer mentality. Now personally, I used to get very upset and frustrated when someone did or had ideas lined up in the same division as mine soon after mine were brought to the surface. Whether it’s the copying of a shirt, a future idea, my major and career plan, decorating ideas; any small thing like that can be copied, intentionally or unintentionally. Yes, trends are very common and every other girl on the street is wearing the same outfit, but my thoughts and ideas are my thoughts and ideas and it hits hard when the words flowing out of my mouth are caught in the girl’s mouth across the hall two hours later!

As I write this out, I feel like I sound snotty. But I’m writing this as an 18 year old girl in 2021, where social media sucks you in to exposing and finding everything out about everyone. Originality can seem scarce in this day and age. And I know everyone has dealt with this situation, whether through friends, siblings, or anyone else. So back to the topic of this post, to think of yourself as an influencer. When someone copies anything you say or do, do not get upset. It is not worth your time. Display a positive outlook and think to yourself, wow, they really like what I did there.

As long as you keep in mind that you are the root of your own well-being and you have control over what gets you fired up or not, this method can become simple to keep you happy. Walk out the door, down the street, through the mall, anywhere, wearing that cute unique outfit. And if anyone stops you and asks where your shirt is from, tell them with a smile and think of it as a compliment.

And if someone has an idea or plan similar to the one you shared on social media or within a group of friends, watch their actions. Actions are so much louder than words. Did they follow through with that idea or plan, or did you just make it sound so good they felt the need to rent it and attempt to call it their own.

You are unique and independent and original in your own ways. I’m reminding myself of this and you. Keep a positive outlook, think as an influencer.


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