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ACOTAR Series - My Take

I rarely, if ever, do book reviews for the books I read for leisure. Mainly because I feel that I do not have the acquired experience to put my two cents in about a story produced by a well-known author, but at the end of the day, everyone has their own opinions, right? I have been in a reading slump since December, and in the middle of April I picked up A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, and wow. I have already finished all five of this series and am about to reread the Throne of Glass series and start up her other series just to get more inspiration on Maas’ writing. I love her writing.

In the ACOTAR series specifically, most of the writing is in the first-person point of view of Feyre, which aids in the descriptions and accuracy of detail to keep the viewer open to visualizing the settings and coming up with their own conclusions on the scenery. With Feyre being an artist, and a painter, her description and eye for detail aid in discussing world-building in a very conceptual way.

I appreciate a high fantasy story with mixed romance, and although the bookkeeper I bought ACOTAR from mentioned how scandalous this story gets, I was in awe. Obviously, there are much more descriptive and higher-rated novels on the market, but Sarah J. Maas knocked these out of the park. Her attention to emotion is outstanding. From the initial feelings towards Tamlin to the climactic twists and turns leading to Rhysand, I devoured these novels. Almost literally. These books have so much dimension and dynamics to them that it is hard to explain too much without either spoiling it or just debriefing the back cover excerpts.

I will put out there, however, that my absolute favorite book in the series is the second, A Court of Mist and Fury. Wow is honestly all I can say. I think back to this book specifically when I want to talk about the series and just let out a low smile. I cannot believe I let myself push off this series for so long, but it is in perfect timing that I did pick them up because no more reading slump for me! I have researched and found other great authors with fantastical and sexy novels and series as well, so this summer will be my reading high.

This review is going between my own thoughts and talk on the books, but hey, this is a conversation I need to just get out. I felt and projected every emotion that this series compelling. It vomited emotion onto me, and I further projected it into my everyday life. That is how I knew this was a new favorite of mine. It is rare for books to move me and leave a mark so deeply, and yet here we are.

So in sum, if you have not yet read the ACOTAR series, this is your sign to start. Most of the books are hefty, but the story glides you through the pages almost too fast. I went from not finishing a fiction book in four months to reading all five of these in three weeks if that does not tell you enough.

So go, what are you waiting for? A new world is waiting to be introduced to you! New hot, meaningful characters with deep bonds and loyalty, and so much more. Let me know if I put you on. ;)

Happy Reading,

Livi Brooks.


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