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Autumn TBR !

Hey everyone! I have never posted a tbr on my blog, and I feel like knowing what someone is interested in reading really helps to display their personality and get to know them better! So, that is what I am doing today! I have a whole bunch of books I want to get to this season, and I have accumulated them all so I really have no excuse not to read them!

I am on a book-buying ban.


As of today when my Amazon package comes in with the last of the books I have recently bought, which will be mentioned in the list below, I am cutting myself off for a while. I need to get this tbr pile down! And when I do, I know how rewarding it will feel about going out and buy a few books! So, without further ado, here are the anticipated reads I am going to pick from to read in the next few months!

At the end of each month during my wrap-ups, it will be fun to see which ones I have chosen, why I chose them then, and how I liked them!

TBR List for September-November (in no particular order):

- Graveyard Book ~ Neil Gaiman

- Uprooted ~ Naomi Novik

- The Paris Apartment ~ Lucy Foley

- A Little Life ~ Hanya Yanagihara

- Love and Other Words ~ Christina Lauren

- Love on the Brain ~ Ali Hazelwood

- The Hobbit ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

- Crush ~ Stacy Wolff

- A Magic Steeped in Poison ~ Judy I. Lin

- The Prison Healer ~ Lynette Noni

- Twisted Love ~ Ana Huang

- The Priory of the Orange Tree ~ Samantha Shannon

And then for a few in which I do not own...

- Babel ~ R.F. Kuang

- Magnolia Parks ~ Jessa Hastings

- Writers & Lovers ~ Lily King

As you can see, this is an ambiguous list. But, I love to read and am starting to take it extra seriously with social media! I want to share my thoughts on what I read and communicate with people on Instagram, Twitter, and my blog through the commonality of books! And not to stray away from the fact that reading can only benefit! From a better grasp of vocabulary to expanded knowledge of writing styles and story structure, reading accompanies a writer with great value. And a great story is hard to forget and easy to relinquish.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and gained some ideas to add to your TBR! Stay tuned for upcoming book reviews, wrap-ups, preptober, and NaNoWriMo posts!

Have a great week!

The Livi Chronicles.

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natasha flett
natasha flett
Sep 27, 2022

Have a beautiful week friend! Thanks for sharing your TBR!

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