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Book Analysis – After Life by Carlo Pietro Sanfilippo

Book Analysis – After Life by Carlo Pietro Sanfilippo

This was a magnificent read! As a college student, diving into the world of adulthood and self-discovery at an age beyond my own, it gave me a newfound sense of hope. As a kid and growing up, you are always asked what you want to be when you grow up and are given the stereotypical pathway to a ‘normal and stable’ life. This author breaks those barriers and opens the boundaries.

He takes you through life; all the happiness, sad, grief, love and loss... every aspect that a human will experience. I found the story light-hearted and inspiring, from the moment the author realized his artistic ability to the rediscovering moments and sparks of truth about what the author did and did not want to last in his life.

He perceives himself as a role model, as any parent is and should, and turns around his half-life to meet its’ full potential for both the benefit of himself and his family. The family and self-balanced orient that the author describes is perfect. Work for yourself but keep your mind open for the ones you hold close.

His views towards time and money as materialistic factors that should not be prioritized was a great reminder for me as a reader to set my standards and factors in life straight. His vulnerability to experiencing emotions like being overwhelmed was a truthful act on his part that makes readers feel more comfortable and relatable to the writing.

Overall, this was an outstanding book on the American Dream and how it really is not the dream unless you alter it to fit your own potential. I recommend this book to anyone who feels in a rut or stuck on circling around the same lifestyle, or just anyone in general looking for lifestyle inspiration!


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