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Book Analysis – Black Moon by Tegon Maus

Book Analysis – Black Moon by Tegon Maus

This is a fantastic book all about the journey. Following the main character, Tucker, he deals with both the Kindred and chaos from the beginning of the book and on. He is faced with many challenges and obstacles along the way, as well as tribes with different creatures and standout side characters. The author makes it a point to not only give Tucker the spotlight but to also distinguish characters from the nine different tribes and display their unique personalities and traits with their magical yet strong characteristics.

The division of scenes within the plot helps to keep this book well-paced and always kept me as a reader on my toes, wanting more. The placement of chapters kept the story moving with thought-out subplots and cliffhangers, and the sentence structure throughout helped to keep the reader engaged.

The ceremony near the beginning of the book sets the mood all the way through Tucker’s journey of being first introduced to the different tribes and all the way to the end. The Kindred is found to be complex yet intriguing. The development of the world and scenery and setting all tie together to make this novel a visually appealing masterpiece, woven in moments of strength, dignity, defeat, and uplifting moments.

Overall, this book has a lot to offer. The theme stated is a moment of truth, and the rest of the read from there is both fantastical yet relative. I enjoyed the fresh look at the different creatures and status of people in this world and look forward to reading more past this one story. Definitely give this book a read!


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