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Book Analysis – Deal With Cupid by L.W. Lowe

Book Analysis – Deal With Cupid by L.W. Lowe

This was a book that took me by surprise and kept me on the edge of my seat. Between the Muse sisters and each of their distinct personalities, I felt personally intertwined with their family life the entire book. I enjoyed the backstory of the sisters and their purpose of motivating souls and passions of those who pay.

God, goddess, and Cupid elements incorporated together made this book so unique, and for that I applaud the author for being able to mesh such elements so well. Throughout the entire story you are taken through twists and turns and motives that are realistic to today’s society yet made fantastical for purposes of the book.

The structure in terms of setting and character development were thoroughly configured and well put. The inclusion of Zeus and Aphrodite gave a mythological vibe to the story with twists of Cupid. Overall, I would consider this a slow burner but is well worth it as the action becomes more vibrant with each chapter. I recommend this book to anyone looking for configurations of romance and fantasy elements all while dealing with realistic characters who have personalities similar to anyone you could possibly meet in daily life.

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