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Book Analysis – Half Moon Island by Barbie Patti

Book Analysis – Half Moon Island by Barbie Patti

This is a book that was the first for this author to be published, and it was great! It is a mysterious and suspense-filled novel with twists of romance and self-discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed this book because of the mix of realistic lifestyles with expeditions into new worlds and murder mysteries.

Although I do not talk about the physical features of a book, I must point out that the cover matches the story’s tone perfectly and the back cover art is amazing as well. I also enjoyed the size of this book; it seemed a bit bigger than the average novel and I appreciated that.

Onto the story, Rebecca Campbell is such a driven and curious character. Her personality is distinct among the others introduced, and the story overall is character-driven, which is great since this lady is so much fun to follow. The self-discovery she goes through and the obstacles she encounters make you want to keep reading.

I loved the shorter chapters, which of course are subject to a reader’s opinion, but with the suspenseful genre, the short chapters just enhance the gripping ‘on the edge of my seat feeling. The author is great at making each chapter ends in a question, no matter how short it may be.

I do not like to spoil books in my reviews but if you are interested in reading a murder mystery with a female main character with many internal and external conflicts, I recommend this book to you!

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