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Book Analysis - Shaken No More by Jacqui Morrison

Book Analysis – Shaken No More by Jacqui Morrison

This is a fantastic book surrounding the hot topics of suspense and romance. Not only is this captivating story dealing with dark pasts and complex obstacles, but the main character is also an amazing woman. This novel is articulate and well crafted, with obvious elements of love and life lessons to be learned.

The physical structure of this novel is outstanding, the well-developed chapters and outline of the plot is easily detected. The character development and use of sensory detail made me as a reader feel like I was a part of the experience the characters were involved with. This novel was such a page turner and had goosebumps sent down my spine from elements of romance and suspense.

The author hits the target of a lot of delicate topics but intertwines them into the story in a very good way. Mental health, abuse, addiction… it is all captured within the story and described with such imagery that you are on the edge of your seat. This book did not disappoint.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a down to earth novel that relates to today’s society all while dealing with a heroic, strong woman as the main character who has outstanding breakthroughs and tragedies which lead her to overall self-discovery. Thank you to the author for letting me read your work, it was great!


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