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Book Analysis - The Oath Keeper's Servant by Zach Kuhl

Book Analysis – The Oath Keeper’s Servant by Zach Kuhl

This book was horrifically amazing! As a reader who doesn’t preferably grab at horror novels, this one has changed my viewpoint on the genre as a whole! This author has a way of words and structuring a story to keep the reader wanting more. I really enjoyed the young adult aspect of it. Cassie is young and in school which makes the overall story much more realistic to teen and young adult fans.

The vivid descriptions and narrations of Cassie and the Oath Keeper and how her friends were in such denial about her claims resonate with the overall problem of kids not helping kids when in danger. The tension throughout and the mystery depicted through imagery was fantastic. Cassie’s feelings are illustrated very precisely, so as a reader you are able to truly feel what she is in situations such as being taken by the Oath Keeper and dealing with fear.

Even though Cassie was the main character, the author made sure to interpret the side characters’ lives and connections and bonds to each other and Cassie. It made the story feel even more real to see other kids living normal lives alongside Cassie while she was dealing with horror behind her back at all times. When Kiel possesses the friends and starts destroying her life at home, that’s when the true horror spiked up for me personally. And I could not put the book down.

I recommend this book if you do not want to let go of October and its Halloween horror season yet. This book is perfect to read on a night alone or anywhere for that matter because it puts into perspective the world around you in a whole new way. The pace of the novel was well balanced and is perfect for anyone greedy for a new spin on horror.



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