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Book Review: A Foster Kid’s Road to Success by Robert P.K. Mooney

I believe a story reaches its’ greatest potential when the reader can vividly stand in the shoes of the main character and become engulfed in their perspective. Whether this is done in fiction or non-fiction is equally important, and author Mooney completely executes this technique. His story is true and about his time in foster care for over a decade. He tells all from the triumph to the goodness and how one can build themselves from the bottom.

Robert’s empathy for others and understanding that never giving up is always an option is an inspiration spread across this entire book. While he speaks on the choices we make in life and how they affect our futures for better or for worse, this perspective is like star-struck since we can see how his personal choices ended up affecting his future for the better in a lot of ways.

Even if you were not or are not currently in foster care, this is an important book for anyone to read to gain knowledge on the trait of perseverance and determination in modern life. The new perspective I have gained from reading this is substantial and eye-opening to how everyone lives an entirely different life.

While sharing his story, Mooney includes insight and advice on the foster care life for the children who are currently where he once stood, but also for the guardians and workers in the system. The advice is implied throughout the book and provides a great addition to the overall effectiveness of the book. The ending is my favorite part, where the author provides the United States and each state in America and their resources regarding the foster care system. Further, there is a notes section for anyone to write their take on the story, as I personally did. I wrote simple phrases that moved me and small notes and thoughts throughout the reading.

This is a book to be passed around and shared. It is a noteworthy book, both literally and metaphorically. It will sway a reader into wanting to learn more about the world around them, and I praise this author for sharing such a unique and successful story.


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