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Book Review - Counting Kitties & Kitty’s First Day of School by Sarah Linx

Book Review - Counting Kitties & Kitty’s First Day of School by Sarah Linx

Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog. Today is a book review, as you know if you are scrolling and trying to find your next great read.

Sarah Linx is a children’s author with stories and stories to tell based around Kitty, a wonderful and cute character. With unique, simplistic yet artistic illustrations to entertain and brighten not only a child’s but any reader’s day, these are cute stories to take a look at.

Counting Kitties is number based, teaching children how to count upward while also learning different objects and ways a cat plays. There are different cats, music, and meows the whole way through.

Kitty’s First Day of School is a sweet story about Kitty going through the day and dealing with friends and all of the activities a little kid can expect to go through when starting out. It is a great read to get a child comfortable with change and to feel not so alone on the journey of starting school with older kids and teachers.

Sarah Linx is very flowy with words and easily targets the illustration in simple sentences to keep the audience engaged. Children’s books are hard to master yet these encapsulate an authentic piece that can keep children happy and wanting more.

Shapes, colors, times of day, foods, activities, letters in the alphabet, numbers, friendship, and family are all puzzle pieces to these entertaining yet intrinsically educational books.

I hope you will take a look at these great reads whether it be for a classroom, children in the family, or even your own personal indulgence!

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