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Book Review – Never Look Back by Jeremy J Fry

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Never Look Back is a great read with extensive plot development and subplots that keep the reader on their toes. The characters definitely did their fair share of driving the story as well. There were strong female leads and male characters who I also came to enjoy. Specifically, Bruce and Odera were a great pair throughout the story. They were the reason I was kept on my toes; I really enjoyed their relationship pan out in Act 2. The drama through a character was a nice touch to the overall story.

The author has a great writing style. He pays sharp focus to the details that matter in such world-building and character personalities and makes sure not to overdo the description and wear out the reader. There was a great balance between serious and humorous scenes that drove the plot forward. From the first page, the writing style did not disappoint, especially with the dialogue.

The background of the characters that were told stuck out to me the most. There were hints here and there of their stories, but I really enjoyed getting to know Kira. She was a fierce fighter and female character and getting to know her made me feel as a reader that I was right alongside her in some parts of the story.

Opening the story with action and vulnerability in the main character really set the tone in a way author does not normally do. It definitely left a mark on me on this unique entry to the story, and I am inspired to be on the lookout for more original first chapters like Never Look Back’s. Even the book summary before I dove into it does justice to the author’s writing style like briefly spoken before. The overall suspense of the book is fantastic, and this should definitely be added to your To Be Read list if it is not already on it!


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