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Book Review - Trouble In The Floating City by Michael Ciccarelli-Walsh

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Book Review - Trouble In The Floating City by Michael Ciccarelli-Walsh

Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog. Here is another book review for you! Today is book one in the Zoboros Series. Michael Ciccarelli-Walsh, an author also working at Florida State University, has an expert mind for fiction.

Here we follow Kano, our main character, who embarks on an amazing and thrilling adventure. A journey through a galaxy with physical, mental, and emotional obstacles that will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. The detail to thematic issues and character arcs is such an embedded and close knit experience that when you read that last page and think about the story, not only do you get an amazing visual of the mystics he creates, but also the amazing message!

The whimsical aspect of galactic atmospheres is surreal. From the compelling creatures to the powers in which all characters good and evil hold, you are bound to beg for more.

Kano is thrown from his normal world and into the middle of a war… in the galaxies. We see a mix of found heroism and the flaws that even the most powerful kinds can suffer. Michael was not afraid to illustrate and display the vast and infinite possibilities in fantasy. Reading stories as such is an amazing way to teach young adults life lessons, and the combination of entertainment and meaning was a perfect balance.

The action packed moments in correlation to the dialogue and foregrounding of character personalities was on such an equilibrium that the pace was so smooth. There is humor mixed in the dialogue but that does not strip away from the valuable mood setting and traits in the characters’ voices.

Michael Ciccarelli-Walsh has experience in screenwriting from UCLA, which definitely contributed to his imagery and conveyance of conversation. All of the dialogue was so fluid, and although some conversations had many people included, he never fell short of distinguishing each voice.

Here is Michael’s website with links to buy the book and check out more from him!

A sequel to this series is to come out soon and I am so excited to read it and I hope you will dive into book one and read this story!

Talk to you soon,



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