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It's Been Awhile

Hey there, it's me. It has been a while and I am sorry about that. My recent blog posts have been scheduled and I have not been active on social media or here. Being on a holiday break has caused me to lack motivation, but really it is because of myself as well. I have been in a rut of what to do next.

I have the first draft of a book that I want to begin edits on, I have a new semester of college creeping up around the corner, I changed my major, and I just want to find a career that I can set focus on and work towards. I am in that beginner's phase of college that a lot of students go through where they have no clue what to do.

College has been a different experience entirely than what I suspected. The people and the work and the atmosphere is a different vibe than I could have ever thought. My goal this upcoming semester is to romanticize it and branch out into new surroundings and activities.

With my career, I am currently majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media and have no current thoughts of changing that. I am thinking about possibly minoring in General Business or Communications. I want to continue this blog and my Twitter platforms to grow an audience and gain advice and guidance on ideas I compose about what I want to do with my life.

I have thought about book editing and publishing, but I think I am just into actual book writing. I have thought about fashion and sports media and trying to become a reporter or columnist in either of those departments. Right now I am most intrigued by magazine work and the written news. I like the editorial positions and the background of the publication, whether it may be with Vogue or The New York Times.

So this is where I am trying to figure myself out. I want to find a path of work that I am passionate on writing about. Fashion lingers at the top of my list because I love clothes and love to watch influencers who pursue careers in fashion, it is just so intimidating to me! All the advice I have read says you do not need a fashion major or to go to a fashion school, but to just learn about fashion on your own and be passionate! But there is the lingered question, am I passionate about this?

I overthink great ideas and dig them into a rut where I do not want to think about them at all anymore! So as I try to figure myself out, I would love advice either in the comments or on Twitter, and I thoroughly apologize for the lack of recent content and the quality of my last posts. I will not be doing further book reviews, for now, they have burnt me out, but I will be staying up to date on my personal life. Thank you I appreciate you!

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Russell Govan
Russell Govan
15 dic 2021

Welcome back, Livi. It's good that you recognise you have a tendency to overthink some things - try googling a few techniques to find strategies for managing that tendency. You will find it helps de-stress you.

I don't think I'm qualified to advise anybody on anything, and in your case you are already aware of the key thing I would say if someone pressed me - follow your passion. I know it's a bit of a cliché, but if you can identify something that you are truly passionate about and then find a way of making a living from it then you really will have hit the jackpot. If you think that fashion might be your thing you could conside…

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