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My 8 Favorite Podcasts on Writing

On a short or long drive, on a walk, while cleaning my room or getting ready in the morning… you’ll likely find me listening to a podcast. Podcasts we’re not always my thing, but that’s because I never found the right ones.

Or I guess I could say the write ones… maybe not.

Anyways, I have been doing my best to learn and acquire knowledge in the corners of life where it is possible. And podcasts are the best way to do so when you find a niche! My personal interest of podcasts is, well…


And today I am here to share my favorite podcasts that have inspired, influenced, and taught me so much about the book and writing industry! Let’s go!

  1. The Screenwriting Life With Meg LaFauve & Lorien McKenna -

Yes it is in the title, screenwriting, but believe me, this is a podcast for all writers! These two hosts have amazing credentials working with such landmark of films in our generation! And there insight to the film industry and on writing in general is so inspiring. They begin by sharing what they did that week, writing wise for their career, and then talk about a certain topic with the occasional special guest! Definitely listen if you need to feel warmed up and motivated!

  1. Design Matters with Debbie Millman

This is a podcast with a single host who interviews creatives of all different fields! If you are in a creative field of any kind, you relate to everyone! Debbie interviews and has fun conversation and questionnaires with writers, novelists, artists, designers, and so many more! If you are interested in hearing the inside scoop to a creative’s life, listen here!

  1. The Writer Files

Now this is my personal favorite podcast. This is all about the upbringing and life of different authors and their careers! Absolutely obsessed. From Emily Henry to Riley Sager, you need to tune in and hear what these authors have to say about their breakthroughs into the industry! This podcast has inspired me and motivated my goals to keep going and fulfill my own potential with novel writing!

  1. The Shit No One Tells You About Writing

I want to say this is a personal favorite, but honestly, all of these listed are. However, this one stands out because every topic on writing, both literally and mentally as a writer, are pinpointed and dug deep on. Also with special guests, this is a great podcast to feel heard as a writer and become more knowledgeable on the craft.

  1. Wizards, Warriors, and Words

This is a great podcast for fantasy and science fiction writers! Special guests are also on here occasionally with insights on writing and publishing. Self-publishing, burnout & writers block, world mapping, music while writing, motivational talks, writing routines, and even editing processes are spoken on!

  1. She Has A Book In Her | Publish Her

Both of these are complete separate accounts, but both let off the same vibe. Here are ladies giving their thoughts on writing and publishing works of not just stories but the art of them. They motivate you as a listener and writing and talk about working with developmental editors, dealing with rejection, and even how to get un stuck when working on your project!

  1. How to Be a Better Human

This is saved for last because it is the least, but also most if you interpret it as so, have to do with writing. This TED Audio Collective podcast is full of directional words of wisdom on life and even… writing. My personal favorites are the transformative ideas episode, making yourself more human in a automated world, finding your voice, how to pitch your best ideas, and even how to future-proof your career. Although these do not directly correlate to writing and creativity, the mindset you can build off of these episodes certainly have to do with a good writer’s mind!

I hope you enjoyed this post! These podcasts get me through the day sometimes; walking between classes, flying on planes, taking a shower… the possibilities to fit a podcast into everyday life is endless when you just think outside of the box! So, next time you are in the mood to get in the writing mood or just gain inspiration on life, check out these entertaining and knowledgeable podcasts!

See ya next time!

The Livi Chronicles.


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