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NaNoWriMo Synopsis: Project V

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

As a participant in NaNoWiMo 2021, I have been planning and plotting a story for the past month. This vision of a story has been in my mind for a long time, it is based on things that I love (both the ideas and setting), and now I am finally pushing myself to make it come to life! The title is undecided, and this is the rough draft synopsis! I would consider this to be in the genre range of YA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. I hope you enjoy this rough layout of my story, happy reading!

18-year-old Lucy Knox lives in the upper east side of New York City. To all intents and purposes, she is really a 105-year-old precocious vampire repeating twelfth grade for the 83rd time. From fumbling through so many years of teenagers, Lucy despises humans, more specifically because her parents have made it notorious that being closely acquainted with one can do no good. On top of that, she possesses an involuntary psychic ability to construe every thought within her proximity, meaning she hears almost every mortal’s nonsense throughout the city.

Luckily, at the strike of every midnight, all the external thoughts evaporate, her mind ceases, and she escapes to a temporary sanction of peace with her thoughts alone. Lucy has learned to block out most of the buzzing voices in her head as they compile throughout the day, but the misfortune of the power has contributed to the blockage of any precious human relationship from her life.

On a cool November midnight while sitting in Central Park with a clear head space, as the clock struck 12:01 a.m., 20-year-old Sam Presington abruptly disturbed Lucy’s short-lived quietude. Furiously she started fabricating a maliciously revengeful plan to attack the boy, but as she got closer, she endeavored his flawless composition and heard his inexplicably lyrical-like thoughts. She could not follow through with the plan to take the boy’s soul, and when grudgingly engaging in conversation with Sam, Lucy starts to believe humans may not be as pathetic as she perceived them to be.

As their lives flow along Lucy finally opens to Sam about the true monster she is adjudged to be, and his unforeseen acceptance makes her place in the world seem more purposeful than ever before. At peace, she finally figured out that the key to drowning out the overriding thoughts constantly suctioned into her head is compassion for a person rather than their blood. Her piece is disturbed once more, however, when eminent vampire Clarissa Manchester sees Lucy from afar attached to the human boy’s hip.

Using this sight to her advantage, Clarissa barges into Lucy’s life, threatening that she will capture the girl’s parents and send them away for exposing the Vampire Society if she does not remove Sam from her entire existence. As Lucy comes to find out, this vengeance originated the day she was turned into a vampire, when her parents committed the same malevolent plan to Clarissa’s family.

Simply existing too close to a human can cause harm to a vampire’s exposure, and with the immortal New York Congressman resigning from his post, any vampire’s hope to be saved if exposed to the world is unfeasible, making Clarissa more determined than ever to control Lucy’s cynical fate.

Clarissa’s mischievous message leaves Lucy at a crossroad to make the eternal decision to either hold on to the unparalleled bond she has created with Sam or let him go for the sake of saving her family who is never around for her anyways.

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Interesting. Potential. Especially the psychic aspect and the fun you could have with the 84rth time in grade twelve. You could build a rom com here, even a series, which TV is begging for these COVID days.


JamieAdStories Writer
JamieAdStories Writer
16 de out. de 2021

This is a great premise. I feel for a character having so much noise in her head all the time.

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