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Novel Insights: Main Character

Everything You Need to Know About Lucy Knox

Lucy Knox is the main character in my soon-to-be novel. The title is still in the works, so you must wait on that. This project has been a big build-up this past month, and I am ready to knock it out during NaNoWriMo! I want to give sneak peeks and ideas revolving around the story as I go, so stay tuned for that throughout the next month. As for now, let me introduce you to Lucy.

Lucy lives in the upper east side of New York City. She resonates at 18 years old but is actually 105 years old. Lucy has bold brown eyes with sparks of golden flakes within. Her pin-straight dark brown hair flows all the way down her back with a constant luminous flow, with one icy blonde strand trailing down the left side (her mother calls it her vampire streak). The young but old girl has as many freckles as stars in the galaxy that press on fragile pale skin, and she stretches at 5’5 feet tall.

Lucy’s lean appearance compliments her tiny nose and ears, but big round eyes. Her feminine features never fully developed before turning into a vampire, and although she comes off as a hostile confident immortal, she compares herself to the humans around her all the time. Anytime you see her, she has on baggy jeans, overly worn in converse, and only shirts and jackets consisting of neutral, grey, and black.

Her personality is hostile as I said before. She is standoff-ish with a dark sense of humor, always coming off as sarcastic but really means what she says. Lucy has no filter, so summarize it all.

She thinks people fear her, she enjoys the thought of people not talking to her out of fear, but then the truth usually kicks in that no one knows what kind of creature she really is. They just stay away because of her personality.

Lucy is in constant denial and battles with herself. Deep down she wants to be understood, likable, but she will not admit it to herself. She has convinced herself that being alone is the only way to keep her sanity.

Family-wise, she has her parents and her dog. Her parents were much more involved in her life when she was living, but now they are always hunting or working in their private practice. Her parents are very famous vampires, known for their psychological private practice that treats both humans and vampires. On the human side, they treat normal people who need verbal therapy. This is also how they feed if the human suggests they have no purpose in their life. On the vampire side, Lucy’s parents can help a firstborn discover what their specific supernatural ability is and try to lead them towards finding their purpose in the afterlife.

As a quick background, vampires are always born human so that they can condition themselves with human emotions and feelings. Once turned, they lose the ability to properly feel and think like a human, and a supernatural ability replaces those. Each vampire receives a specified ability depending on their predetermined purpose in the ‘afterlife’ of being a vampire. It is their job to define that purpose. Being a vampire is almost like a summoning to an eternal quest.

Vampires are capable to feel emotion parallel to their human ones under one circumstance, they must find their soulmate.

Lucy’s story involves her finding her purpose, possible soulmate, overcoming denial, and dodging internal and external obstacles along the way. I hope this quick insight into Lucy intrigues you and keeps you interested in my YA Urban Fantasy novel! I am developing this story from my passions and favorite ideas, so this story is super exciting for me. I have learned that the first story should be based on ideas you love, so that is exactly what I am going to do!


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