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Staying Motivated During the Holidays

The busiest time of the year is creeping up both holiday and school-wise for me. This only means it is probably about to get super busy for you too. From finals in college to family gatherings for holidays, family birthdays, holiday vacations… absolutely nothing to complain about! But it can stack up and become overwhelming to think about all the events and things happening in such a small time frame.

On top of the annual round-up of the holiday season, a new implementation is also in effect for me. And that is this blog, my Twitter platform, book reviewing for authors, and finally writing the first draft during NaNoWriMo this year! As a new part of the Writing Community and how welcoming everyone has been, I have been given the opportunity to connect with and gain followings from other writers, bloggers, and authors. So, if you are reading this and come from that community, I am too starting to feel the build-up of the holiday season!

However, I realize how blessed and fortunate I am to even be able to get this opportunity. I am involved in a world consisting strictly of my passion, gaining knowledge and connections I could have never imagined. That is what keeps me motivated. And as for college, I am staying motivated through the mindset that these classes are the building blocks to getting my degree and excelling in my career and passions.

Gaining insight into the writing and author world has helped to open my eyes as to what I can achieve if I keep going and try my best. I have so many aspirations and through the Writing Community have gained a lot of inspiration that drives me forward.

Motivation is hard to dig up when it feels like the gas tank is empty within. I went through a long phase of not reading when I literally have a bookshelf holding 400 books at my home. I would get upset with myself because I wanted to read so bad, I knew how happy and content it made me to read a great book, dwell in new worlds, and finish that last page. But I had no motivation, I was too concerned with my social life and social media, I started to drift away from myself.

Being in college has shown me that social life will never go away, it is right in the palm of my hand whenever I need that outlet. Being in college has also grounded me back to my roots and helped me rediscover my passions and hobbies. I started my platform and have never been happier with a hobby. I hope to one day call this lifestyle more than a hobby. That is what motivates me. I hope to one day become a best-selling published author, that is what motivates me. I hope to one day work as an editor at a publishing or news media in New York City, that is what motivates me.

Rediscovering myself and learning about what I strive for within is what keeps me motivated. No money or external benefits are coming from me creating this blog. This is strictly for me, for my internal self.

Motivation comes from within, not from the people or things around you. So, this holiday season, as I see my friends and family, I know I will stay motivated. I know what I strive for in life at this moment, and it keeps my drive and determination alive.

Find your routine, define your good habits, strive for small and large scale goals, and the internal motivation will come naturally. I promise.

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