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Analyzing Books Rather Than Just Reading Them

So if you follow along with my blog at all, you’ll see that I have started to implement book reviews to my posts. However, I do not consider these reviews, but rather a personal analysis of the story. A review in my mind means reading a book and then talking about your thoughts on the overall storyline and rating the story itself. And usually, including spoilers. An analysis on the other hand is what I like to consider myself doing. This is because I don’t summarize the novel, I pick at it in a positive constructive way only. I find every nook and cranny to compliment. I analyze the characters, the plot, the suspense drive, the writing techniques, the word choice, I think about it all. And I try my best to act this way diligently without spoiling any important scenes or really talking about the storyline at all.

I never point out what could be improved on or fixed in my opinion because I aspire to edit and become an author or public news writer one day, I am not one yet. Therefore, I do not deem myself qualified or fit to tell you right from wrong, but just the rights.

I like to really focus on the character and plot development, with an extra interest in environmental and setting descriptions as well. I think what I have found most important in a novel is to set the scene and provide a clear guide to envisioning and creating the world in the reader’s head with ease.

Always just reading for the entertainment factor, it was never until the past year that I truly started studying the words I read on a page. Analyzing these fictional and nonfiction books have heightened my awareness as to what I prefer and do not prefer to find within words, and that’s what I am going to keep sharing as I analyze more and more novels. I have analyzed plenty on my own time, but have only posted two. That is going to change thanks to authors I have been collaborating with.

Although it may seem like me analyzing their work is only benefitting them, I am gaining extensiive amounts of knowledge. My observation and analytical skills have enhacned because I have been deeply listening and reading books to figure out not just the conclusion, but hidden themes and symbols within the text as well. If you start to treat novels as individual scavenger hunts, the world created by that author all of the sudden becomes much more complex.

Simple grammatical and word choice preferences have been formed, such as to not let the complexity of your word choice change throughout the writing. When I say this, I mean I do not like when the word “bad pain” is used in one sentence but the next chapter explaining that pain again calls it “intolerably excrusiating violence coming from within”. If that makes sense to you.

As a college student majoring in Editing, Writing and Media, I think these opportunities to read books and analyze their individuality is a process that will only help me in the future. On top of that, I plan to complete NaNoWriMo this year, and forming the basis for my story and its plot becomes easier as I read a variety of books and see what I like versus not in a developing plot and setting. My characters grow from my imagination, but are tweaked through tips given by authors in their own stories without even realizing.

So there is the baseline behind my purpose of anlyzing rather than reviewing a book. I will be coming out with new analysis’ soon and I hope you’ll stay tuned for those, for they are coming from a variety of genres. If you are reading this and are an author or writer of any work that wants promotion, please message me! My work is free unless you have anything extra to offer and this is all for my own knowledge gain and benefit right now while also being able to help you!

Talk to you soon & sending good vibes,




Kim Hye Yoon
Kim Hye Yoon

It’s good that you are also analysing books instead of just reading them. It enhances your intelligence and thinking. I’m doing the same too. I share some book review and thoughts on blog. And now, I’m also doing character analysis.


JamieAdStories Writer
JamieAdStories Writer

This is a great way of looking at books deeply and recognising their value.

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