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Autumn Day in my Life as a College Student

Happy blogtober day 7! I am on a week streak of posting, and am going to try and keep this pace all month long! I hope you enjoy today's post <3

My favorite season, as you know if you read my previous blog about fall. Today it rained and that helped drop the temperature, but the humidity still stands as always. My new college town will definitely have a much cozier autumn demeanor. The leaves are already starting to change, it’s amazing.

My morning usually starts the same. I wake up around 9 or 9:30 am. I sit in bed for a few minutes to let my whole body wake up (my feet are still a bit odd feeling in the mornings because of my Guillain Barre). I’ll get out of bed and use the restroom, brush my teeth, all that jazz... then head straight to the kitchen for my morning hot coffee. Right now, I am super into the Starbucks Vanilla & Madagascar Honey Keurig cups, and I mix in a bit of white chocolate vanilla creamer. I am excited about tomorrow morning just thinking about it.

I then most likely go back to my room, sit at my desk, and start straight away on school assignments, lectures, readings... anything to do with my classes. Unfortunately, due to health circumstances, I had to do my classes online this semester, but next semester I am back in full swing! Since my classes are all online right now, I do not have a specific time for each class, but I make it a priority to do classwork all before lunch, before working on any personal writing projects or other activities.

Today, the rain set the mood so perfectly. I lit incense, a candle, turned on my salt lamp and did school work all morning. It really went by in a breeze just because of how happy this time of year makes me feel. I really cannot explain it.

I do not normally eat breakfast, I like to listen to my hunger cues and eat when my body is ready, which is usually lunchtime. My aunt sent me my favorite homemade snack a few days ago, and I have been eating those with either fruit or oatmeal every morning. The snack is a combination of different nuts, seeds, and berries in ball-shaped clusters. They are so yummy.

I like to watch YouTube videos while eating and not go on my phone, though recently I have been reading pdfs sent by authors to review, which are on my laptop. It truly has been a blast to connect with writers, bloggers, and authors and get these amazing opportunities and exposure to different writing styles and stories.

After lunch, I like to take a break from school and work on Twitter and my blog, and read a little bit. The past two weeks I have barely been on my phone, this blog has become my voluntary job and I enjoy it so much more than scrolling through personal social media (where I accomplish absolutely nothing). I also have been brainstorming and plotting my NaNoWriMo story, which I am ecstatic to share.

If I do not have to go to the grocery shop or do any personal care things like physical therapy, then I normally finish up homework by the late afternoon and go to the gym with one of my roommates. The rest of the night is my favorite. I come home, make dinner, shower, hang out with my roommates for a little while, and then head to my room for the night.

I am a night owl. I love to be on my own and get things done. Whether it is school assignments, reading, writing, promoting my blog,

or just browsing and interacting on Twitter, I always find a way to get a sense of accomplishment out of each night.

My current mindset is ‘what could I be doing right now?’ I use this phrase when I am aimlessly scrolling through TikTok, or browsing YouTube without a destination in mind. It really has helped to boost my productivity; such a simple idea goes such a long way.

Finally, I head into my actual bed once I feel good about the day. Sometimes I watch a video or show on my TV, but I always have a fictional book on my nightstand to read strictly at night. I find that reading fiction at night is very entertaining like a show would be, and I save my self-help and mindfulness books for during the day when I can jot down notes if needed. I have never been a fan of reading more than one book at once, but right now I am reading three and it is working out perfectly!

So that is my day for fall as of now. I try to keep it as simple as possible with no specific time regimens, but rather time slots I prefer to get certain tasks done in. It keeps me more relaxed and less anxious this way. I hope you enjoyed this blog, let me know your favorite part of your day if you got this far. I truly appreciate you!

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