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Book Analysis – The House Jack Built by Jasmine E’Lon Suggs

Book Analysis – The House Jack Built by Jasmine E’Lon Suggs

This was a fantastic book. The storyline flowed so naturally, I was beginning to think this really happened! From the amazing main character Jailyn to the main interest Dominic, their roles in each other’s lives are intriguing. I loved their bond and balance of independence throughout the obstacles they each faced.

Jailyn is a very determined and kind character. I loved the way she bounces back from the global virus at hand. The initial move she made from Detroit to D.C. displays her personality through actions by showing her determination and will to still live a good life despite the obstacles faced. The author conveys her emotions and drives through the course of her actions more than anything which I thought gave such fluency to the story.

The plot structure was great and I was wanting to read more the entire time, never wanting to put the book down. The prologue had me absolutely hooked and the use of first-person point of view made everything so much more intense. I love reading from different perspectives and first-person was the best fit for this book. Since the story takes place in an urban setting, convincing the reader that this is happening in the world we are living in was crucial. The author uses the setting and scenery to build up the suspense and secrets of the story in a very intracity way.

For this being the first book published by the author, she does an outstanding job. This is not a type of book I would randomly grab off the shelf because of my genre preference being high fantasy, but I am so glad I got ahold of this one. I was lured in and now am wanting more! Check this book out and give it a chance!


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